This article is about the person. You may be looking for the teddy bear.
Stanley the Instructor
Stanley in "Francine Goes to War"
Gender Male
Animal Bear
Hair color Brown
Job Horseback riding instructor
Cartoon debut "Francine Frensky, Olympic Rider"

Stanley is an instructor for horse-riding lessons, and the manager of the Algeria Farms, a farm in Elwood City.


He was Catherine's instructor for horse-riding lessons for a very long time, before Francine decided to take horse-riding lessons too. Catherine was a great horseback rider and was very tall and had long legs to mount on the horse herself, plus get her feet in the stirrups; but Stanley needed to help Francine get on the horse by lifting her, because she was short and had short legs, and she couldn't reach the stirrups like Catherine could. He later encountered the Frenskys' new neighbor, Mrs. Pariso and agreed to let Francine grab a horse so she could learn some tricks from her.

Physical appearance

Stanley is a bear with a dark brown complexion and short auburn hair with bangs, and wears a beige cowboy hat with a red band around it, a yellow button-up shirt, blue jeans, and brown shoes. His ears are never seen, since he always wears a hat.

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