Arthur Wiki
Star child
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Light brown
Complexion Peach
Residence Futuropolis
Job Sidekick
Cartoon debut "The Secret Origin of Supernova"
Voiced by Robert Naylor

Starchild is Supernova's sidekick. She has a Super Blankie and is able to fly, and is portrayed by D.W.


Starchild is an anthropomorphic aardvark. She has light brown hair in a bob cut and with bangs. She has a purple mask to conceal her identity and has a gold tiara with red stars on her head.

She wears a lime long-sleeved bodysuit, a purple/magenta jumper dress with a yellow peace sign in the middle, and knee-length lavender boots. Her pink cape is also her Super Blankie.