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Sticky Chicken
Chickin Lickin'
Location Various, several in Elwood City
Type Franchise
Sells Chicken
First appearance "Sue Ellen Chickens Out"

Sticky Chicken[1] (formerly Chickin Lickin') is a fast food chain located in Elwood City and elsewhere.

Chickin' Lickin is known for several questionable practices, including underpaying its employees at a particular location, charging high prices, and serving fatty food.[2] One of Buster's favorite websites even claims that their shakes are made of chicken fat.[3] They also have little to no options for vegetarians.[4]

The company is represented by its mascot/spokesperson Beauregard Poulet, a well-to-do Southerner who "founded" the Chickin Lickin' through his lifetime occupation as a chicken breeder. However, he admitted that he is an actor and fakes the Southern accent.[5]

History in Elwood City[]

Chickin' Lickin has multiple stores in Elwood City, with one in Mill Creek Mall and another at an independent location.

Chickin' Lickin also appeared in the Swellwood City Mall in Brain's imagination.

They were threatening to purchase the rights to the Sugar Bowl. Sue Ellen created a protest to prevent Chickin Lickin' from purchasing the gang's favorite restaurant and hangout. Ultimately, the Sugar Bowl's owner Carl Manino refused to sell his store to Chickin Lickin', keeping it open for business.[5]

When the Tough Customers became the Tough Consumers, they quickly targeted Chickin' Lickin and began confronting its customers about some of its little-known secrets.


  • Crispy Dippin Lickins ($2.99)
  • Crunchy Chickin Lickin' Sandwich with Cool Pinata Sauce ($1.99)
  • Chick Sticks with Melted Cheddarolla ($0.99)
  • Cajun Chickeritos with Cool Piñata Dipping Sauce (was a free giveaway at Beauregard Poulet's appearance at the Mill Creek Mall)
  • Cheddarolla Fries
  • Crispy Lickin' Sticks
  • Little Chix Jolly Meal (Chickin Lickin' equivalent of a kids' meal)
  • Crunchy chicko sticks with extra piñata sauce
  • Large cola ($1.90)
  • Mega Size Cola ($2.00)[6]
  • Chickin Lickin' Chick Stix with Cheddarolla
  • Chicken Cuddles (equivalent of a baby' meal)
  • Pickle with mustard (served after Muffy asks for a "vegetarian" item)



  • Its former name is similar to another real-life restaurant, Chicken Licken.
  • It seems to be a parody of KFC, as they both primarily serve chicken. KFC's slogan is that its chicken is "finger lickin' good", and Beauregard Poulet is a parody of Colonel Sanders, the founder and mascot of KFC.