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[It's] the biggest holiday of the year... Well, it's the biggest holiday this week.

David Read, "How the Cookie Crumbles"

Strawberry Festival
How the Cookie Crumbles - David Read Float
David Read waving to the crowd from a strawberry-shaped car
Type Local celebration
Holder Elwood City
Location Elwood City
Frequency Annual
Introduced In My Club Rules
Latest Appearance How the Cookie Crumbles

The Elwood City Strawberry Festival is an Elwood City celebration that takes place annually, first appearing in "How the Cookie Crumbles." There are many different events during the festival, including a parade.

Key Participants[]

Ed Crosswire, Mr. Haney, Mr. Ratburn, David Read, The Parade Float Club (specifically D.W. Read, Muffy Crosswire, and Binky Barnes) are participants.

Thora Read has extensive knowledge of The Strawberry Festival. She says that all of Route 3 used to be strawberry fields. Now, David Read cooks for the parade while he and Thora introduce the parade to D.W. Read. It was revealed by Grandma Thora that the festival had always been David's favourite holiday. She had also said that there were always as many strawberries as you can eat.

D.W. Read has an idea of a Float for the parade. This float was built after D.W. schemed her way into The Parade Float Club. David had described it as "the biggest holiday of the year" until D.W. started asking grand questions about presents at Christmas, fireworks at 4 July, or a parade similar to Thanksgiving. He then changed it to "Well, it's the biggest holiday this week."

Mr. Haney rides atop a sixty foot tall fake tree while Mr. Ratburn is inside an enormous strawberry cake. Both floats proved disastrous.

Muffy Crosswire also has a longstanding history with The Strawberry Festival. She enters a prize winning baking contest. Her previous entry of Strawberry Cookies drew controversy when a citizen commented that Ed Crosswire, her father, was a judge for the contest. Ed sat out one year while Arthur, Francine, Brain, and noticeably Binky provided ideas for new cookies.

Muffy now sells the Strawberry (with Banana) cookies regularly. They were previously named "Scrumptious Smackeroodles", but then the name was changed to "Muffy & Friends".



Whether the parade is the same as Thanksgiving, The Strawberry Festival does have a parade. The floats do not necessarily have to be strawberry themed.


The Strawberry Dessert Contest takes place at The Sugar Bowl. Muffy had desired winning in "How the Cookie Crumbles" because, although she had won last year, others had said that is was only because her dad was the judge that she won. She wanted to prove that she won fairly and not because of her dad, so this statement had put a lot of pressure onto her. Muffy did eventually win again, thanks to her friends, who had jokingly made a batch of cookie dough.


  • Muffy's Cookies.


  • If what Buster said in the opening of "Binky Rules" is true, then Elwood City is known as "The City of the Strawberries", explaining the historical significance of the festival.


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