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"Sue Ellen Chickens Out"
Season/Series: 8
Number in season: 5B
Original Airdate: United States September 19, 2003[1]
Canada December 17, 2003[2]
Germany December 21, 2007[3]
Written by: Peter Egan
Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Robert Yap
"Postcards from Buster"
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"Sue Ellen Chickens Out" is the second half of the fifth episode in the eighth season of Arthur.


Sue Ellen rallies the gang in a protest against a fast-food restaurant to save The Sugar Bowl.


At The Sugar Bowl, Sue Ellen is served a Big Pig sundae by the owner, Mr. Manino. She compliments him on the ice cream sundae, only to find that it has pecans instead of walnuts; she soon finds that Mr. Manino will not be making any more Big Pigs, because he will be selling The Sugar Bowl. After the shocking discovery, she frantically asks who will be buying the shop before exclaiming that she hopes it is not Mr. Crosswire, who will overprice things. Mr. Manino then hands her a menu from the buyers, remarking that the prices seem reasonable. Sue Ellen recognizes the menu as a Chickin Lickin'. She informs Mr. Manino that the restaurant is a large global franchise. Sue Ellen is still flabbergasted at the reality.

Sue Ellen Chickens Out

In a Chickin Lickin' commercial, Beauregard Poulet explains that he is standing on the very porch where he was given his father's recipe for the current Chickin Lickin' chicken. He pulls a bell ringer and the front of the house collapses revealing dancing chicken and a flashy stage. He advertises his chicken products, and at the conclusion of the commercial, he states, "Made with real chicken flavor". He also advertises a personal appearance in the Mill Creek Mall. Sue Ellen turns off her TV and complains to her mother about the situation. She states that fast food chains are meant to expand. Sue Ellen is still bothered, and her mother suggests that she hold a protest to stand up for it.

At the tree house, everyone briefly complains about The Sugar Bowl closing, but the complaints are soon replaced with talk about the food sold at Chickin Lickin'. Sue Ellen interrupts their discussion, and reminds them of how beloved the Sugar Bowl is. Everyone is clueless of what they can do to help the cause. Sue Ellen, in a loud voice, states that they can stop eating at the restaurant, and join her in a protest at the mall when Beauregard Poulet is there.

At The Sugar Bowl, the protest is taking place. Beauregard Poulet and his "Chickin Lickin' wrecking machine" approach. He requests for them to move, but they stay put, and shout at him. The scene touches his "batter-dipped heart", and he decides to cancel the operation, and forever thereafter sell healthy foods. Francine's yelling interrupts the thought, revealing it was a daydream of Sue Ellen's. Sue Ellen confides in Francine that she was thinking about the protest on Saturday. Francine states that she cannot go this Saturday because she has to visit her cousins.

Later, Sue Ellen and Buster meet at the foot of the tree house. Buster explains that Arthur couldn't come, but he brought along Binky to help. Brain arrives, and explains that he broke down and ate a chicken sandwich from Chickin Lickin' cause he couldn't say no to his appetite. He decides to leave the protest effort, stating it would be hypocritical for him to aid them any longer.

The protesters then prepare by making signs and handing out flyers. They soon meet and practice the chants they will use at the protest. Muffy soon arrives in her limousine, and asks Sue Ellen to join her for a ride. In the car, Muffy asks Sue Ellen to stop the protest effort, as she cannot win. Muffy reveals that her father wants to build a Burrito Barn on the site. Muffy's bribe does not hinder Sue Ellen, and she steps out of the car.

That Saturday, they meet at the mall, and have their protest. Things do not go as planned, and many people do not notice them. Beauregard Poulet exits the restaurant, and Sue Ellen's protesting is overpowered by the band that plays. Meanwhile, Arthur, D.W., and Grandma Thora remember the good times they had at The Sugar Bowl. Mr. Manino serves them their banana splits, and asks what is troubling them. Thora states that they are remembering the good times they had there. He looks back at them and remembers good times he had as well.

At the mall, Sue Ellen steps up and shouts at Beauregard Poulet. He explains that he is merely an actor, and he directs her to complaint forms in the restaurant. Sue Ellen walks by her family and friends, depressed. As they walk home, Sue Ellen notices festivity around The Sugar Bowl. She goes inside, and finds that Mr. Manino decided not to sell the restaurant. The episode finishes as Mr. Manino serves Sue Ellen another Big Pig; only this time, he switched back to walnuts.






  • The title is similar to another episode's title: "Sue Ellen Vegges Out ".
  • Chickin Lickin' is a reference to Kentucky Fried Chicken, probably inspired by KFC's slogan "finger lickin' good". Beauregard Poulet spoofs Colonel Harlan Sanders (who was a real person, though only an honorary colonel). "Poulet" is French for "chicken".

Episode connections[]

  • This is the second time Sue Ellen takes off one of her hair scrunchies. The first time was "Sue Ellen's Little Sister."
  • Muffy previously requested Arthur to hitch a ride on her limo in "Pick a Car, Any Car", only to end up with the same outcome of Arthur requesting to be dropped off immediately after disagreeing to her demands.


  • In Sue Ellen's fantasy, Beauregard Poulet says that The Sugar Bowl doesn't have a deep fryer. In other episodes, such as D.W., the Picky Eater, the Sugar Bowl is shown to serve french fries.
  • When Sue Ellen gets out of Muffy's limo, she is only one or two houses down from where she got on. The limo ride, though brief, was far too long to have traveled such a short distance.


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