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Season 1, Episode 33
Original airdate February 2, 2005
Location Hinesburg, Vermont
Writer Cydne Clark
Live-action editor Cherry Enoki
Field producer Angelica Allende Brisk
Storyboard artist Francois Brison
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"Sugartime!" is the thirty-third episode in the first season of Postcards from Buster.


Buster heads to Vermont during Sugartime season and samples maple syrup and learns about milking cows. He also shops for a bonfire.


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  • "Sugartime!" was pulled from PBS airings after it was criticized by then-Secretary of State Margaret Spellings for depicting two sets of lesbian parents. Vermont was one of the few states at the time to recognize same-sex civil unions. However, some PBS stations chose to independently air the episode, including Arthur's co-producer WGBH in Boston.
  • The terms "lesbian" and "homosexual" are never used in this episode: instead, Buster remarks "that's a lot of moms!" and one of the children refers to loving her "step-mother."
    • This approach (acknowledging the existence of same-sex couples while not making it the focus of the story) was reused nearly-15 years later for the episode "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone."
  • Despite the controversy, this episode was included in the DVD (and the VHS) of Buster's Outdoor Journeys.


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