The CD cover.

Sundae Hits is a CD that Brain begins selling in the ice cream shop at the end of "Breezy Listening Blues" which includes the favorite music of all the customers.


The following is a list of artists and songs mentioned in "Breezy Listening Blues" that have made their way onto the Sundae Hits CD.


  • Molly enjoyed the music, but thought that Sundae Hits was "a lame name."
  • The ice cream shop made good money off the sale of the CD, as evidenced by Brain whispering to his mom at the end that Sundae Hits was "selling like hotcakes!"

In Real Life

Playing music in your store without a special license is illegal, and selling CDs with other people's music is even more so. In legal terms, when you buy a CD or a download, you are buying a license to use that music for your enjoyment, not to make money off it.

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