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Super Sister
Super dw
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Cartoon debut "D.W. the Copycat"
Voiced by D.W. Read (Michael Caloz)

Super Sister (sometimes called Super D.W.) is D.W.'s alter-ego. She appeared in Arthur's imagination in "D.W. the Copycat".

Super Sister was also used as a title card for many episodes (mostly those that focused on D.W.). It, along with all other title cards, were dropped in the US when Season 16 began (dropped in the UK at their series 14). 


Super Sister is an anthropomorphic aardvark with light brown hair in a bob cut. She wears a blue shirt with the letters "D" and "W" on it, with the former being red and the latter being yellow, a pink cape with red trim (which is actually Blankie) that has a patch on it, white underwear over dark blue tights, and blue and white shoes with red laces. She also has a red antenna on her head.



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