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Taffy Crosswire
Taffy Crosswire.png
Gender Female
Animal Monkey
Family *Edsel E. Crosswire (husband)
Cartoon debut "Family Fortune"
Voiced by Melissa Altro

Taffy Crosswire[1] was Muffy's great-grandmother. On a return ship from Europe, she met Irina Katrina Von Hapsonburg, Archduchess of Moldavia. Becoming fast friends, she offered to help the financially-troubled archduchess by purchasing her necklace. Believing it to be made of real sapphires, she passed it on to her descendants, and it eventually was inherited by her great-granddaughter Muffy. Unbeknownst to Taffy, the necklace was actually made with simulants and was of no real value, as the Archduchess whom she had befriended had lied about her identity. Taffy had likely been conned by the presumed Archduchess.


  1. "It was passed down to me by my great-grandmother, Taffy Crosswire."Muffy Crosswire, "Family Fortune"

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