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"Team Trouble"
Season/Series: 1
Number in season: 22b
Original Airdate: United States November 5, 1996[1]
Canada February 4, 1997[2]
Germany January 11, 2002[3]
Written by: Joe Fallon
Storyboard by: Gerry Capelle
"D.W.'s Snow Mystery"
"Bully for Binky"
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"Team Trouble" is the second half of the twenty-second episode in the first season of Arthur.


Arthur, Francine, and Buster work together on a history report about ancient Rome.


Arthur talks about what great friends he has. He recalls the day he met Buster. Arthur was playing in the sandbox when Buster came over and said hello. Arthur said hi back and then Buster left. Arthur then states to the viewers that when you are on Francine's team, you will always win and recalls how, when playing football, Francine tossed the ball to Arthur so hard that he fell onto the goal line.

Team Trouble

Arthur, Buster, and Francine are assigned to do a group project on Ancient Rome by Mr. Ratburn. Arthur wants to make their report interesting. Buster first suggests a song and produces a terrible song on the tuba.

He then suggests an interpretative dance, only for Francine to shoot it down. Francine then suggests they make a video, but Arthur points out that they don't have anything to make it look ancient. Buster suggests a really old coat of his, which Arthur and Francine both turn down.

Buster then finally gets a good idea and suggests they make a comic book. They agree to this, Arthur making the first page, Francine the second, and Buster the third. They all believe that they will get As, except for Francine, who thinks she will get an A+.

Later that night, the three get to work. Francine states that her page is brilliant. Buster on the other hand is having difficulty drawing lines.

Arthur is having the most difficulty knowing what to come up with. After getting hit on the head by his alarm clock, he has a dream that he has ended up in ancient Rome. After being given a tour of the Senate, he wakes up and immediately gets to work.

The next morning at school, Arthur and Francine show their pages to each other. On Arthur's page, the scroll of Roman Law has been stolen by Binky. Mr. Ratburn orders Arthur and his friends to get it back. Binky sends his skeleton warriors after them. Arthur uses his gumballs to make the skeletons fall, but then he and his friends get chased by three very hungry dogs. They then pursue Binky on a ship, only for a massive purple Cyclops to attack the ship. Buster cries out that they are doomed.

Francine wonders why it ended like that. Arthur states that she had the second page. Francine states that her page is on the Olympics. The page shows the three of them competing and Francine winning every event while Arthur and Buster cry.

Buster then shows up and shows his page, which consists of Spartacus dressed up like a superhero, pizza being delivered to the Coliseum, and Julius Caesar flying above on a hang glider. Francine states that it's not a comic- just a drawing. However, Buster states that it is a splash page and is full of action. He then wonders why their pages don't look like his.

They all demand that the others redo their pages to look like their own. Arthur then states that they can show their pages to other people and get their opinions and whichever they like the best will be the one they do.

At The Sugar Bowl, Arthur shows his page to Prunella, who points out that there is no actual history in it. Arthur admits that there isn't and that he just wanted it to be interesting.

Francine goes to Brain, expecting him to praise her page, only for him to inform her that the Olympics were held in Greece, not Rome. She states that she will change it to Roman athletes at the Greek Olympics. However, he (incorrectly) points out that Rome banned the Olympics in 194 B.C. and criticizes her for not doing any research.

Arthur, Buster, and Francine meet up at the Tree House. Buster states that Binky liked his page, which made him realize that he had to start over. The three realize that they should have checked with what the others were doing and done actual research. They now think that they will be getting F's (except for Francine, who thinks she will get an F+).

However, after looking at each other's pages, they realize that they have plenty of material to use so they head to the library and check out numerous books on Rome and work to make an actual report.

The next day at school, they give their report, having combined parts of their three pages to make a poster. Ratburn praises their report, though questions whether or not pizza was delivered to the Colosseum.

The three pledge to check with each other the next time they have to do a report, only to then get into an argument over what they are going to do after school. But Mr. Ratburn quiets the three of them and tells them the next team is about to report on Egypt.

The team is Muffy, Sue Ellen and Binky, who have chosen to do an interpretive dance. While Binky portrays a mummy and gets wrapped up in so much cloth he falls, Arthur, Buster, and Francine continue their argument about their after-school plans.






  • During the cafeteria scene, Luke is seen waving outside, breaking the fourth wall.

Cultural references


  • Patrick can be seen in Mr. Ratburn's class in place of Alex.
    • Also, Luke is seen in the classroom.
  • In the library, after Buster finds a book called How to Write and Draw Comic Books, Francine can be seen smiling right before she asks "What are you talking about?" with a slightly disappointed look on her face.
  • When Buster reads How to Write and Draw Comic Books in his room, the cover is different and reads How to Draw Comic Book. [sic]
  • The Cyclops, as seen in Arthur's comic, is from Greek mythology, instead of Roman mythology, though the Romans copied a lot of their mythology from the Greeks.
  • The Olympics were banned in AD 394, not 194 BC. In addition, Romans did compete in the Olympics, including the emperors Tiberius and Nero. Francine also seems unaware that women were not allowed to compete, although this may be due to her lack of research.
  • When Arthur, Buster, and Francine are in the movie store and Buster says "I have a really old coat," Mr. Ratburn can be seen next to Buster with his back to them, but in the next shot after Arthur and Francine glare angrily at Buster and he shrugs his arms, Mr. Ratburn has disappeared.

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