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"Technician" is not an official name.
Unknown Male Adult Aardvark 2
Gender Male
Animal Aardvark
Family Wife
Daughter 1,
Daughter 2
Job Technician;
Ticket seller
Cartoon debut "World Girls"
Voiced by Daniel Brochu (1604a)

Technician is a background character who made his first appearance in the episode "World Girls." This character made a few appearances throughout the episode along with his twin daughters.

He was later seen working for the Pseudo Meta corporation in "Get Smart," where his executive comes to check on the latest error report for the HUGO 3.0. His executive convinces him that 98% accurate is close enough to 100%, to which they burst into maniacal laughter.

He also worked at the ticket window at the Mill Creek Mall Cinema 8 in "On the Buster Scale."

Physical Appearance

Technician is an aardvark with a brown complexion. He wore a light blue collared shirt with the collar being white, long blue jeans, and black dress shoes. He wears rectangular lensed glasses and has a wrist watch. At his job at Pseudo Meta, he wears a white jumpsuit and blue-green gloves.



Season 10

Season 16


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