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While the name is technically official, a future episode can give the character a new name, which will then become the official name.

Slappy Blackhead.JPG
Gender Male
Animal Cat
Hair color Brown (normal episodes)
Red (Arthur's Missing Pal)
Complexion Cream
Family Mother
Cartoon debut "Bleep"

An unnamed Teenager[1] is a resident of Elwood City.


In "Bleep", he was rude to his mother and after she forbade him to go to a concert, he said a curse word to her, which D.W. overheard.

He also appeared in "Tales of Grotesquely Grim Bunny" when he went to Meteor Comix when Gerald took it over and sold horror comics at the store. He is friends with another teenage boy.

In the CGI movie Arthur's Missing Pal, he mowed a lawn near the Sugar Bowl and almost hit Pal because he was listening to music and couldn't hear Pal's barking.

Physical appearance

Teenage Male Cat has a cream complexion and wears a green sweater with white in the middle, black pants, and red and white sneakers. He also has short brown hair.

In the episode "Tales of Grotesquely Grim Bunny" he is seen riding and carrying a brown skateboard.

In Arthur's Missing Pal, he wears a red sweater with a yellow stripe and tan pants.