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Teenager's Mom
Gender Female
Animal Cat
Hair color Brownish orange
Family Son
Cartoon debut "And Now Let's Talk to Some Kids"
Voiced by Sonja Ball

Teenager's Mom[1] is a character who made her debut in the episode And Now Let's Talk to Some Kids. In her debut she appeared in the future, but has since been seen in some episodes as a present character.

She is the mother of a teenage boy. She and her son got into argument during the episode Bleep after her son knocked some of the glass in the crystal shop. Soon after her son back-talked her she then told him he can no longer go to a certain concert for being so rude. Then her son cursed at her, which was very shocking to her and also caused her to drop a goblet she was holding. She also appeared in the Postcards from Buster episode, Lost and Found where she was in Guanajuato, Mexico. This suggests that she and her son might be from Mexico or are Latino Americans.

Physical appearance[]

Unknown Female Adult Cat has a cream complexion just like her son and wore a pink dress, a gray sweater over her dress, and gray shoes. She shares the same hairstyle with Francine and also wears yellow barrettes, except her hair is brownish orange instead of light brown.



Postcards from Buster[]