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Mr. Puffy, Land-Fish, and Legal Eagle
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Terrific Three
Gender Male (Mr. Puffy)
Female (Legal Eagle)
Unknown (Land-Fish)
Animal Humanoid (Mr. Puffy)
Eagle (Legal Eagle)
Fish (Land-Fish)
Cartoon debut "Prunella's Prediction"

The Terrific Three are a group of humorus superheroes consisting of Mr. Puffy, Land-Fish, and Legal Eagle.


Mr. Puffy

Similar to the Michelin Man, mascot of Michelin Tires, he is a human-shaped puffy man, except he is green. He is bouncy, fireproof, and floats in water.


A giant pink fish with a yellow shirt and purple cape. It is able to stand upright on its tailfin, and can presumably survive on land. A parody of the Land Shark skits from Saturday Night Live.

Legal Eagle

A bald eagle wearing a light blue women's business suit. She carries a briefcase.


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