That's Elwood City
Elwood City Turns 100 245
Artist Lakewood Elementary kids
Played in Elwood City Turns 100
That's Elwood City is a song performed in "Elwood City Turns 100!".


Oh Elwood City, so proud so bold,

Now you are 100 years old.

What was once dark forests, fogs and fens,

Is now called home by us children.

I lift my head and sing to thee,

Oh Elwood, Elwood, Elwood City...

-speaking- Hey, you've told us what Elwood City was like in the past, but what's it like today?

Today? Today things are a little different;

Watch out! Hey! Coming through! Do we have a math test Monday? Hey, Buster! Wanna get a snack?

You have to ask?

Slurping shakes at the Sugar Bowl, the crossing guard is on patrol.

Soccer games, Hey I scored a goal!

That's Elwood City.

Reading books at the library,

Our club house is in a tree.

Had a comet named after me.

That's Elwood City.

When the ice storm blew in,

Our prospects was grim.

We were filled with hunger and fear,

but we got together and now the weather,

with stories cocoa and cheer!

Just like pioneers.

Baseball games with Mighty Mountain,

Lost a lot, but we're not countin'.

Hey, don't hog the water fountain!

That's Elwood City.

Picnics for all sons and fathers,

Hey, I just met Mister Rogers

Crosswire Motors has super deals.

The ice cream shop sells gummy eels.

All clues point in one direction.

Elwood City is perfection!

Yes, this town has passed the test,

So much better than the rest.

Elwood City, you're the best!

Elwood City. Yeah!


"That's Elwood City!"

"That's Elwood City!"

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