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The Altos is a show that airs on Channel 2.

Bleep, Take 48, Scene 3[]

  • Ugh! This is terrible Apple Betty! It's (bleep)! My mother, now, there was a woman who could make (bleep) an amazing Apple Betty. When she made it, the whole (bleep) neighborhood stood outside our house. (bleep) saint (bleep) that woman was. If it's okay with you, T, I'd like to give that pastry chef a taste of his own cannoli.
  • Hey, none of you... (two bleeps) so much as (bleep) unless I (bleep) say so! Capisce?



  • It is a parody of HBO's The Sopranos, a TV show that focuses on the family life of a gangster which aired between 1999 and 2007. The difference is that The Sopranos doesn't use a bleep, while The Altos does.
    • The bear in the red tie is a clear reference to Tony Soprano, the main character of The Sopranos, as he is balding at the top of his head and has the same face shape.
    • The bear wearing the grey suit and no tie is a reference to Paulie Walnuts, as his dark hair is greying/whitening at the sides. He also calls the Tony Soprano lookalike "T".
    • The bear wearing the blue suit and pink tie is a reference to Silvio Dante, as he has the same frowning expression and puffy hairstyle.
    • The mobsters are eating at an Italian restaurant, which is common in The Sopranos.
  • It is unknown who voiced them.
  • The word "capisce?" (pronounced: ca-PEESH) means "understand?" in Italian American slang.