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The Ballad of Buster Baxter (song)
The Ballad of Buster Baxter liner notes
Artist Art Garfunkel
Played in "The Ballad of Buster Baxter"

Below are all of the songs/ballads sung by Art Garfunkel in the episode, "The Ballad of Buster Baxter".

Intro and CD version Lyrics[]

This is the story 'bout the face on the cake,

It belongs to Buster Baxter.

Baby boy bunny, Buster Baxter was born eight years ago.

At first all he did was cry and eat and eat and eat and grow, eat and grow. That's all he did!

He met Arthur, they became friends. It was an historic day!

They always had lots of fun, they liked to read and play!

Hey! Then one day, Buster found out he was gonna go. Gonna go, bye-bye.

He went around the world a couple of times.

We'd thought he left the show.

Buster Baxter went away and left his friends.

He went traveling, this is what he found.

Buster ate his way from north pole to south.

He had soup in Sookatoppen

At some biscuits in Bombay and carrots in Khartoum

While he was eating, Arthur played checkers in his room, his room. That's what he did!

All the kids thought Buster would act strange. He'd be a man of the world!

But wasn't it a nice surprise to find he hadn't changed?!

Hey! That's the lesson Buster taught us in the end, when you go bye-bye.

Just 'cause you see the world a couple of times

You still can be good friends!

Buster Baxter went away then he came back

When he did, his friends are what he found.


Arthur didn't wanna leave Buster out, of that he can be proud!

But when you're playing checkers,.......

Three's a crowd.

Next Day (Tree House)[]


This is the next day, that's all I have to say, hey!


Buster Baxter, went away and he came back.

He was starting to feel like things had changed.


Kresblamania, it's insane-ia! How could Arthur catch Kresblamania?

Kresblamania, it's insane-ia. How could Buster not catch Kresblamania?

Snails (In the Cafeteria)[]

Life can be tough as nails,

When your friends think you're a guy,

Who likes to eat snails.

Square Dance[]

The kids forgot they learned a dance when Buster wasn't around,

But boy did Buster know it, he couldn't do-si-do.

He decided to get out before he knocked everybody down.

Change partners!


Quack like a duck!

Spoken: Look! He thinks he's too good for square dancing, too.


Buster was feeling more left out, with every passing day.

Even when he found something cool....

Someone else had found it first, when he was away.

Buster's House[]

He's a sad, sad bunny, a sad, sad bunny.

TV isn't funny when you're a sad, sad bunny -- Yee-haw!

Spoken: Hey! That's not very sad music!

Somberly: He's a sad, sad bunny... a sad, sad, sad, sad... bunny...


Arthur's House, Conclusion[]


Buster Baxter and his friends got a brand new start.

It was just like they never been apart.


That's how it happened, you can see!

To Buster and the kids in Elwood City,

Now they know when, you're close friends,

You can always get back, together again.

Spoken: So how long has the singing guy been around?

What? I thought he came here with you.

Buster Baxter, went away and he came back.

Buster Baxter, (scat singing)

Spoken: That was weird!

Yeah. Mom! There's a singing moose in front of the house!

Buster Baxter...