Arthur Read: I have the coolest grandpa in the whole world, and he's finally coming to visit me!

Dave: Arthur! My favorite grandson! What do you wanna do first? Should we explore the forbidden caves, or do you wanna wrestle some alligator? And say, do you think we could get outta here without D.W.?

D.W. Read: He's not coming to visit you, he's coming to visit me.

Grandpa: (chuckling) I could this for hours, D.W.!

D.W.: Yay! (giggles)

Grandpa: Hours and hours!

Arthur: As I was saying, Grandpa Dave hardly ever gets to visit us.

D.W.: Because he lives so far away! But now he's coming for a long, long time!

Arthur: I'm talking!

D.W.: And he's going to play with me every day and take me to Ponyland!

Arthur: No, he's not. He's gonna take me to Wonderworld!

D.W.: And he'll buy me lots of presents!

(Arthur groans and jumps off the swing)

D.W.: I just love Grandpa Dave!

(Title card)

Buster: (v.o.) The Big Dig. (Kate cries)

(Grandpa Dave is sleeping on the sofa bed in the living room)

D.W.: Mom, when is Grandpa Dave going home? It's been a week already!

Mom: Why? What's the matter?

Arthur and D.W.: All he wants to do is sleep and play checkers! It's so boring! Why does he have to stay in the T.V. room? And how come he didn't bring any presents?

Mom: Kids, I know Grandpa isn't as active as he used to be.

Arthur: You can say that again!

Mom: And I know you've had to give up a lot of TV because he can't manage the stairs, but he's still the same old Grandpa.

D.W.: No, he's not. He's a different Grandpa, and I don't like it.

Grandpa: Hey, everybody! How are my favorite grandkids this morning?

Arthur and D.W,: Fine.

Grandpa: Any plans for the day? Any great adventures brewing?

Arthur and D.W.: No. Uh uh.

Grandpa: Well, how's about we have a nice old game of checkers when you get home?

Mom: Kids?

Arthur: Look at the time! I'll be late for school!

D.W.: Me too! I have to

Grandpa: See ya later, alligators.

(Arthur and Buster are walking home from school)

Buster: So you wanna come over to my house?

Arthur: I can't. I have to go home. My grandpa is visiting.

Buster: But I thought you liked him.

Arthur: I used to, but he's so boring now. All he ever wants to do is sleep and play checkers.

Buster: Checkers isn't bad.

Arthur: You haven't played with Grandpa Dave. (scene changes) Grandpa? Grandpa!

Grandpa: (wakes up) Huh? Wha-wha-what?

Arthur: I moved. It's your turn.

Grandpa: So you did. Well, I move here. (dozes off again)

Arthur: Oh, brother.

Buster: Wow. Sounds fun.

Arthur: Yeah, it's a blast. See ya.

D.W.: Quick! Think of something! Grandpa just woke up and he wants to play checkers! We'll be bored for three straight hours!

Grandpa: (off-screen) Is that you, Arthur? Ready for a game?

Arthur: Sure, but I have to, uh, do something first! (turns to D.W.) Don't you need some help with your homework?

D.W.: I'm in preschool! I don't have homework!

Grandpa: I'm waiting! There's nothing like a nice old game of checkers! Here you are! Okay. How about if D.W. goes first, and Arthur, you keep score.

D.W.: King me! Grandpa, king me!

Grandpa: What did you say? (smiles when he sees the checkerboard) Hey, look at that, D.W.! You won! Anyone up for another game?

Arthur: We've played eight games already!

Grandpa: Only eight?


Arthur and D.W. dig for treasure.

D.W.: Diamonds, rubies, candy, here I come!

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