Arthur Read: Imagine you're traveling through another dimension. A dimension not only a sight in sound, but a fantasy. A dimension where teachers are aliens and principals are robots.

Robot Haney: Hello. How are you? (repeats two more times; then malfunctions)

Arthur: A dimension where there are more UFOs in the sky than stars. Look! There's a sign up ahead. Your next stop: The Buster Zone!



Writer: Peter K. Hirsch --- Storyboard Artists: Elie Klimos and Zhigang Wang

Binky Barnes: (V.O.) The Boy Who Cried Comet!

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Fern: Hello, Arthur. I see you overslept your alarm clock.

Arthur: What makes you say that?

Fern: You’re wearing two different colored socks, your shirts on inside out, and you didn’t brush your teeth. It all points to one conclusion: you were in a rush. Why? Because you slept late.

Arthur: That’s amazing.

Fern: I’m reading Mrs. Marbles’ “Handbook for Young Detectives”. It’s all in the details.


According to Buster’s tale, a U.F.O. communicated with him using colored lights and sound.

Buster: And somehow I knew exactly what that meant. It was alien for: “We come in peace”.

Brain: Are you sure it wasn’t alien for “car alarm”?


Buster: You’ll see, Brain. I’ll get you proof. Then we will see who has the shoe on the other hand.


Buster: Ah, instructions! Aw, they’re in Japanese.   Arthur turns the instructions around.   Oh, that’s better.


Brain: No way! Why should I go around telling people a comet is coming?

Buster: Because they’ll believe you. You seem so sciencey.

Brain: That’s because I back up what I say with facts, unlike some people. And “sciencey” isn’t a word.

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