The Brain's Brain Game
The Brain's Brain Game splash.gif
Game Information
Game type Trivia
Main character(s) Various
Release Date October 2002
Platform Online

The Brain's Brain Game, also known as The Brain Game, was an online game that could be found on the PBS Kids website. It was made to celebrate the 100th episode of Arthur.


The Brain will ask a trivia question, and the player can choose one of three characters as an answer. Most trivia questions are based on a specific episode. Whether or not the player gets the question right, they will be shown the answer and be given a new question. The game goes on for as long as the player wants.

The game has a hint feature, where Brain says something to help the player find the right answer. The hints are character-specific: for example, if Muffy is the correct answer, the hint would be "She's the richest kid in school."

Questions and Answers



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