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This article is about "The Butler Did... What?". You may be looking for "The Butler Did It".
"The Butler Did... What?"
Season/Series: 15
Number in season: 10a
Original Airdate: United States May 25, 2012[1]
Canada January 26, 2012[3]
United Kingdom November 26, 2010[2]
Australia October 6, 2010 [citation needed]
Germany December 25, 2012[4]
Written by: Wolfram Breuer
Storyboard by: François Brisson
"Through the Looking Glasses"
"The Trouble with Trophies"
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"The Butler Did... What?" is the first half of the tenth episode in the fifteenth season of Arthur.


Bailey is missing! With the help of the Baxter Detective Agency, Muffy discovers a series of clues.


At Arthur's house in the morning, Arthur talks to the viewers about how great it would be if he had a butler, like him being able to have breakfast in bed. D.W., dressed as a butler, brings Arthur his breakfast, but she is not a very good breakfast maker. Also, she forces Arthur to wear a sombrero, a Mary Moo Cow t-shirt, and pink boots. Then she says to go to the car, only to find out that it is just a tricycle with a trailer. D.W. struggles to pull Arthur, and she says that he is heavy and that there are no more eggs for breakfast. Arthur then changes his mind about having a butler, and fires D.W. He concludes by saying that he really wants Bailey and walks away.

The Butler Did... What?

One morning at Muffy's mansion, Muffy wakes up and rings her bell, but she realizes that Bailey is not coming. She runs to her father and tells him that Bailey is gone and is not in his room. Mr. Crosswire is shocked, but he reassures Muffy that he will find a way to make it better.

In the school cafeteria, Muffy sits and wonders why Bailey would leave. Arthur says that maybe he got a better job. Muffy says Bailey was her friend. Her friends scoff. She says that he gets her everything she wants when she wants it. Francine then asks Muffy if she does the same for him. Muffy replies that she would, but he has never asked. Francine smiles and "Uh-huh." Muffy sobs and Buster then says that this calls for some detective work.

At the mansion, Buster investigates Bailey's room. He makes up a false explanation about what happened to Bailey, claiming that he is an alien. Muffy then kicks Buster out of her mansion.

Muffy sits in Bailey's room, feeling sad, until she sees a picture of a class on his wall that has Mr. Ratburn in it. Muffy then it to Mr. Ratburn, and she asks if she knew where Bailey went. Mr. Ratburn asks Muffy to describe him to help, but she does not have much information about him. However, Mr. Ratburn says that he probably likes music, because the picture is of Mr. Ratburn's high school band.

Muffy goes back to Bailey's room to investigate, and she finds another clue, a receipt from Sam's Instruments. Muffy goes to the place, and shows Sam the receipt. He says that Bailey bought a jazz trumpet. He also asks if he was ever a musician. Muffy still does not know much about Bailey, though, but the man tells her that if he bought the trumpet, he might be planning to see Bill Abbey. Muffy then remembers that Bailey has a bunch of Bill Abbey records.

Muffy soon arrives at the venue, looking for Bailey in line. The ticket guy stops her while Mr. Crosswire confronts him. Muffy sees a car go by and sees men walking into the building. One of them look like Bailey, so she runs over, but the door closes and it is locked. She does see the men in the windows and calls for Bailey and apologizes, but it is just a bandmate with a beard and overalls. Muffy then sits in the car feeling glum.

Mr. Crosswire tells her that they will call for another butler the next day, but Muffy walks off, saying that she does not want another butler. She then goes to her room to suddenly find a cup of hot cocoa. Muffy runs over to Bailey's room, and sure enough, he is there. Muffy gives him a big hug, and Mr. Crosswire runs in and squeezes him, but then remembers that he should be angry with him for leaving. Bailey reminds Mr. Crosswire that he had made an agreement for him to go on vacation. Mr. Crosswire then remembers, and leaves the room. After Muffy sees Bailey again, she asks him about how he liked being in a jazz band. Bailey replies that he is not that good, but for the good of Muffy, he plays a song for her on the trumpet and the episode finishes.






  • When this episode first aired in the U.S., it aired on both Muffy and Arthur's birthday (May 25).

Cultural references[]

  • This episode's title, as well as the season 20 episode “The Butler Did It”, refer to the cliché in detective stories that the butler committed the crime.

Episode connections[]

  • This episode casts Buster as a detective, like in "Arthur Accused!," "Binky Rules," and "To Eat or Not to Eat."
  • Buster's detective outfit is the same one he wore in the school play in Arthur Weighs In. Although he has been a detective before and dressed up as one many times, this is the second time he wore this specific detective outfit.

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