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"The Director's Cut"
Season/Series: 17
Number in season: 8a
Original Airdate: United States May 12, 2014[1]
United Kingdom November 12, 2013[2]
Australia April 30, 2013[3]
Written by: Elliott Thomson
Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Robert Yap
"Go Fly a Kite"
"Crime and Consequences"
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"The Director's Cut" is the first half of the eighth episode in the seventeenth season of Arthur.


After meeting his hero, Hollywood director Tufton Sinclair, George is inspired to make a movie of his own. He enlists his friends as crew and Muffy as his producer. Problem is, everyone wants to be the director! Will George stand his ground or is his budding film career a flop?[4]


Tufton Sinclair is seen on a movie production set in downtown Elwood City, about to start directing, when George shows up. Mr. Sinclair asks George if he is part of the movie, but George just showed up to get his autograph for directing his favorite movie, Flight of Dreams: The Tale of Pietro Pigeon. After getting his autograph, George is asked by Mr. Sinclair if he is an aspiring movie director, but George is not sure. However, after seeing Mr. Sinclair directing, George is inspired to make a movie of his own.

The Director's Cut

After the title card, George visits Muffy, and she offers him two different video cameras. George picks one of them, and he tells Muffy the reason that he wants to borrow her video camera is so that he can make a movie. Muffy is excited, and she asks George if she can be in it. George is doubtful, so Muffy agrees to produce it instead.

Afterwards, at George's house, Wally is fooling around with the video camera, moving back and forth in front of the screen, when Buster shows up to get used to George's new camera, since it is different than his camera. George wonders what is going on, and Muffy introduces George to his "crew", which consists of his cameraman (Buster), his actor (Arthur), his stuntman (Binky), and his "adorable little girl" (D.W.). George is unsure, but Muffy and the others want to hear the script that George has come up with, so he starts to tell them his story idea, which is kind of like a fairy tale. By the time George is finished telling his idea, everyone else is thrilled to help him make his movie.

Later, when George is directing and Buster is filming the movie, Arthur, the lead actor, starts to fight a ninja (Binky). George is miserable because that was not part of his story, but everyone else loves it. George ends up letting Arthur and Binky have their scene, so long as it does not take up too much time.

Then, at the scene where Arthur meets the witch (who is supposed to be portrayed by D.W.), D.W. is not acting like she is supposed to, making George upset. When Muffy tells George that she will "handle it", and forces him to go to the deli to pick up sandwiches, George is even more perturbed.

Finally, when they finally get a good scene for the movie, George finds out that Buster was filming a squirrel instead. The battery in the camera then dies, shocking George.

Later on, at The Sugar Bowl, George and Wally watch the movie on George's camera. Wally thinks it is funny, but George does not. When Tufton Sinclair arrives, George tells him that he is making a movie, but no one is listening to him, even though he is the director. Mr. Sinclair then suggests that George needs to put his foot down.

Afterwards, George takes Mr. Sinclair's advice. When Muffy has several ideas for the movie, George puts his foot down, and he also tells her that she can have the camera back if he cannot make the movie he wants. Muffy gets mad at George, and wants to quit, but everyone else is on George's side. After Buster offers George his camera instead, Muffy asks him if they can come to some sort of compromise.

George ends up putting Buster in charge of snacks, Binky in charge of music, and D.W. in charge of getting everyone in place. When they start filming at the scene where Arthur meets the witch, the witch is portrayed by Muffy. After she lets out a sinister laughter, George says to himself, "She's perfect!".






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