The Dummy in the Closet
The dummy in the closet
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First Appeared (cartoon)

"The Boy with His Head in the Clouds"

The Dummy in the Closet was a story that George wrote in "The Boy with His Head in the Clouds" just before he got tested for dyslexia. Mr. Ratburn said that it was very creative and even reminiscent of Poe's work but that he had a lot of trouble reading it. George also misspelled every word in his story (except for the word "in"), even his name, and spelled his title, "TEh DUMI IN TH KLZT".


  • The first page of George's story reads: "Once there was a dummy named Wally who lived in a box in a closet. He was so very lonely and all he wanted was to be loved. One day Wally..."
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