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The Elwood City Dump Entrance

The Elwood City Dump is the municipal dump for Elwood City. The dump itself does not appear in many episodes, but the trash trucks for the dump are seen passing by in the background in a few episodes. Francine's father, Oliver, works here as a trashman. In the episode "Stolen Bike", Francine's father built another bike for her out of parts found in the dump. Also in the episode, "Arthur Cleans Up", Oliver gives Arthur a tour of the dump's research facility and shows him the technology they use to collect trash. Another reference is in the episode "Citizen Frensky", where Buster pushes a button in the garbage truck which empties all the trash into the street. In other episodes Francine is seen washing the truck.

Buster pushes the wrong button.


Elwood City Dump

Inside the dump

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