The Frensky Star
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Citizen Frensky

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Fern's Flights of Fancy

The Frensky Star was a newspaper that was created by Francine Frensky in the episode Citizen Frensky. It spread gossip about students and teachers from Lakewood Elementary, and also other various gossip. Its unofficial sponsor was Crosswire Motors, which printed the copies of the "newspaper", until Muffy removed the sponsorship when Francine spread rumors about her. Catherine decided to stop all of this, so she made "The Inquirer" which spread gossip about Francine. This caused Francine to regret her actions and stop making the newspaper.

She continued making it at a certain point, but stopped writing gossip and taking embarrassing photos. The newspaper's motto is, "The latest in Elwood City news and opinion". In subsequent episodes, The Frensky Star is no longer a tabloid newspaper, and also became an online news website.

Frensky Star

The Frensky Star in "Buster's Secret Admirer"

An issue of the Frensky Star appears in "Don't Ask Muffy." Another issue of the Frensky Star also appears in "Buster's Secret Admirer," when an article appears about Buster trying to find out about his secret admirer. This issue, however, has a different layout and appearance than other issues seen and adopted a new logo in the Blackletter font. It also appears in "Muffy and the Big Bad Blog" as an online website. A weekend edition appears in "Fern's Flights of Fancy".


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