Mr. Ratburn: Class dismissed.

Francine: Ugh! I thought class would never end! I'm starving! Buster: Me, too. I wonder what's for lunch.

Leah MacGrady: Wow! That was some performance!  We should have this ride every year and call it the Tour de Francine.

Francine: You came! Does that mean you're all better? Not quite. But I'm feeling pretty good today.

Francine: I'm sorry I haven't come to see you. I just... I was afraid that...

Mrs. MacGrady: You don't have to explain. It can be pretty frightening to see someone you care about when they're sick. There is something you could do to make it up to me, though.

Francine: Just name it.

Mrs. MacGrady: First put some of this hand sanitizer on.

Francine: Now what?

Mrs. MacGrady: Now give me a big hug.

Francine: I've really missed you.

Mrs. MacGrady: I've missed you, too, Franky.

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