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"The Law of the Jungle Gym"
Season/Series: 9
Number in season: 3b
Original Airdate: United States December 29, 2004
Canada May 10, 2005[1]
Germany January 2, 2008[2]
Written by: Matt Steinglass
Storyboard by: Gerry Capelle
Ivan Tankushev
Francois Brisson
"Arthur Weighs In"
"Buster's Green Thumb"
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"The Law of the Jungle Gym" is the second half of the third episode in the ninth season of Arthur.


Muffy has discovered that the jungle gym is the perfect place to take pictures with her new digital camera — if playground bully Molly will let her.


At the playground at Lakewood, all the kids are busy hanging out and playing with one another. Muffy approaches the gang and she has a new camera with her. The gang soon gets into position for a picture. Muffy backs up further, so she can get all of them in one picture. She then climbs onto the jungle gym and is confronted by Molly of the Tough Customers. Muffy tells Molly to wait as she is trying to take a picture. After taking the picture, Muffy has to deal with the Tough Customers and after being tripped by them, Muffy tells the group of bullies she is not going anywhere. After the bell rings, the gang, especially Francine, comments on how well Muffy did when she stood up to the Tough Customers. Binky tries to convince Molly that Muffy did not know what she was doing, but Molly tells him that if Muffy ever gets on the jungle gym again, they will teach her a lesson.

The next day at recess, all the kids are soon hanging out on the jungle gym, much to the surprise of the Tough Customers. Molly then orders everyone on the jungle gym to get off and Muffy tries to leave, but Francine insists she stay to stand up to the bullies again. Muffy then tries to offer the Tough Customers five dollars to use the jungle gym to take pictures, but Molly declines and tells Muffy to leave.

The next day, Muffy gets permission to use the jungle gym by getting her lawyer, but things do not go well afterward. Muffy gets soda sprayed on her shirt by Molly and while Molly and Muffy are arguing, they get knocked to the ground along with Jenna and Slink. Binky then tells Molly it is time for them to come up with another plan. They decide to find a new place to hang out and everyone in the group agrees — except for Molly, who says that the jungle gym is where they became the Tough Customers. Everyone, however, decides that a new place to hang out will work.

In the evening, Molly is alone and is approached by Muffy, who tells her she is not done yet, but Molly tells her she has won, much to the surprise of Muffy. While Molly is not enjoying the new place the Tough Customers are hanging out at, Muffy does not like how her pictures come out. Molly then visits Muffy at her house and tells her that she wants the jungle gym back and Muffy agrees to it since her shots did not come out well.

However, before Muffy lets Molly have the jungle gym again, the girls stage an argument on the playground — so no one from the school will suspect that they had already talked to one another.






  • The episode's title is a play on the phrase "the law of the jungle".
  • When Ed Crosswire lies to Molly about Muffy moving to Paris to study astronomy, Molly somehow knows that Muffy was under the table. It is possible though that she saw through the foyer that led to the living room.
  • Starting with this episode, Slink is now voiced by Michael Yarmush, the original voice of Arthur.
  • This is the first episode where Paul-Stuart Brown voices The Brain.
  • Running Gag: Background noise drowning out the sound of Molly threatening Muffy.
  • This episode no longer airs in the United States, possibly due to potentially offensive comments and portrayals of poor body image in its sister episode, "Arthur Weighs In." This episode pair has not aired nationally since June 7, 2020. However, it is still available on Amazon.


  • After Molly says that Muffy is going to pay them, Rattles and Slink's voices are switched.
  • Timmy and Tommy Tibble and James can be seen in the Lakewood Elementary Playground even though they're in Preschool.

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