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"The Long, Dull Winter"
Season/Series: 3
Number in season: 15B
Original Airdate: United States January 1, 1999
Canada May 31, 1999
Germany March 13, 2002[1]
Written by: Joe Fallon
Storyboard by: Jeremy O'Neill
"Arthur and D.W. Clean Up"
"D.W.'s Library Card"
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"The Long, Dull Winter" is the second half of the fifteenth episode in the third season of Arthur.


Arthur and his friends are feeling dreary, but can't put a finger on why. It eventually dawns on them that their listless feeling is a result of the fact that there have been no major holidays in quite some time, so they plan to try inventing a new one.


Arthur sits in math class and everything around him seems to happen in slow motion. He does not think he is simply bored, like when he is watching Mary Moo Cow with D.W. and Kate, so he wonders what is happening to him.

The Long, Dull Winter

Later on the playground, Buster suggests that Arthur is suffering from a distortion of the space-time-continuum. Francine suggests that Arthur is in love, though she actually wants him to leave so that she can have his place on the swings. Binky suggests eating an apple to make Arthur less cranky.

At school, Brain, Muffy and Buster confess that they have not felt like doing their favorite things lately. However, they fondly remember holiday specials on TV. That gives Arthur the idea to create a new holiday.

Buster tells Arthur, that his mom would put a good idea for a holiday in the paper.

Arthur and Buster meet with Brain, Francine, Sue Ellen and Fern in the Sugar Bowl and do a brainstorming session to find out what makes a holiday.

Arthur asks Grandma Thora about important events to commemorate as a holiday. She recounts seeing the first zeppelin reach North America, but Arthur thinks it is too boring. D.W. suggests 'Pony Day', which Arthur does not like either.

Buster suggests ‘Give Me Candy Day’, a holiday where people put on costumes and give him candy and he shares what he can't eat with little children after he gains a large amount of weight, becoming obese as a result. Francine instead suggests ‘There's Nothing to Do Today Day’, where everybody can do whatever they want.

At the library, Brain suggests 'Igneous Rock Day', since rocks last for a long time. Binky wants a 24-hour fireworks to drown out Mr. Ratburn. Muffy wants to sell T-shirts and souvenirs for the holiday.

Arthur is exasperated and calls another meeting in the Sugar Bowl. He believes that a holiday should be more than TV specials, presents and fireworks. Just then, Francine mentions her original theory that Arthur was in love. Everyone remembers that Valentine's Day is coming up and runs out to buy gifts. D.W. comes in and proudly shows Arthur an article about ‘Pony Day’ which her mom wrote for her and Mrs. Baxter put in the paper. Binky congratulates Arthur on making everybody forget the dry spell between New Years Day and Valentine's Day. Arthur is disappointed that he did not think of a new holiday, but Binky reminds him that he now has the whole year. They start planning.







  • This was originally the last episode of the series as many animated series at the time ended at their 65th episode, but the show's popularity prevented it from ending, so the show got renewed for Season 4.
  • In "The Play's the Thing", George was able to balance Binky on the see-saw, so this see-saw might have been frozen stuck, and Binky was tricking them.
  • Buster is drawing a picture of Arthur at the beginning.
  • This is the last episode to feature Michael Caloz voicing D.W. Oliver Grainger took over the role in Season 4.

Episode connections

  • The episode title mirrors "The Short, Quick Summer". Both episodes have their title card read out by Binky.
  • In the movie Arthur and Buster watch, the animation of the building being demolished is recycled from "D.W.'s Baby."
  • A different flashback of little Thora seeing a zeppelin was shown in “Clarissa is Cracked”.

Cultural references


Production notes

  • This is the last episode in which Peter Alves is the post-production supervisor.
  • This is the last episode in which Louise Marach is the production accountant.

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