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"The Longest Eleven Minutes"
Season/Series: 22
Number in season: 2b
Original Airdate: United States May 14, 2019[citation needed]
Canada November 6, 2019[2]
United Kingdom July 30, 2020[1]
Written by: Sarah Katin
Nakia Trower Shuman
Storyboard by: Karine Charlebois
"When Rivals Came to Roost"
"Muffy's House Guests"

"The Longest Eleven Minutes" is the second half of the second episode in the twenty-second season of Arthur.


The gang doesn't know what to do when the Internet goes out.


In school, Arthur gives a presentation on some great inventions throughout history: the wheel, the printing press, and the telephone. He asks, "I wonder which invention today we won't be able to live without."

The Longest Eleven Minutes

Arthur, Buster, Ladonna, and Muffy are in the Read living room using tablets, phones, and laptops. D.W. enters, wanting to play with Arthur, although he is busy. When the Internet goes out, D.W. suggests they restart the router. After they try, the Internet is still out. Arthur calls Brain, although he is not able to help.

Arthur, Buster, Ladonna, and Muffy go outside. Arthur notices Alberto, whose internet is also out, going to walk his dog. Ladonna hears music and they find David in the garage. She observes a radio and suggests that they listen to find out why the Internet is out. Muffy finds a Polaroid camera, which shows a blank photograph.

Ladonna finds a box of encyclopedias and they move it to the backyard, where D.W. and Pal are playing. They are unable to find information about the Internet, but instead learn about the instant camera, which has since developed its photographs. Buster notices a newborn bluebird that has fallen out of its nest in a nearby tree. They team up to get it back to its mother in the nest; Ladonna builds a new nest and puts it in the tree, which the bird's mother notices and roosts in.

David tells them that the Internet has came back on. Arthur and Buster notice that the Internet has only been out for 11 minutes; Arthur says that he was not worried about it, while the others disagree.







Episode connections

Cultural references

  • Buster mentions Wikipedia.
  • Arthur uses the abbreviation "IRL," meaning "in real life."
  • Muffy mentions filters and uses a hashtag.
  • Boogle is a parody of Google.
  • The car in the caveman imagination sequence is possibly a reference to The Flintstones.

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