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"The Longest Eleven Minutes"
Season/Series: 22
Number in season: 2b
Original Airdate: United States May 14, 2019[citation needed]
Canada November 6, 2019[2]
United Kingdom July 30, 2020[1]
Written by: Sarah Katin
Nakia Trower Shuman
Storyboard by: Karine Charlebois
"When Rivals Came to Roost"
"Muffy's House Guests"
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"The Longest Eleven Minutes" is the second half of the second episode in the twenty-second season of Arthur.


The gang doesn't know what to do when the Internet goes out.


Arthur gives a presentation on great inventions in class. He mentions the wheel and a fantasy shows Arthur and Buster trying to escape a mammoth in a car without wheels. Arthur then mentions the printing press and a fantasy shows him making copies for Mr. Ratburn with a quill. A third fantasy shows a world without the telephone, so Arthur has to run to Buster's house to say that he will be late. Arthur wonders what invention of today people cannot live without.

The Longest Eleven Minutes

Arthur, Buster, Ladonna and Muffy are using electronic devices inside the Reads' living room, while their outdoor toys are deserted. D.W. wants to play, but they ignore her. Suddenly the internet stops working. Buster was reading about aliens and assumes that “they” did not want him to learn the truth. Muffy wants to search the internet for a solution, but it does not work. D.W. suggests unplugging the router as she has seen her mom do. Arthur unplugs it, the kids count three Mississippis and replug it, but to no avail.

While D.W. enjoys herself playing unicorn, Arthur suggests using their brains, so they call Brain. Brain only suggests unplugging the router like they already did. He assumes that there is an internet outage on the Reads’ block.

The kids go outside and wonder what to do. They hear Mr. Read listening to music, but it turns out to be a radio. Ladonna remembers from her ‘Great Inventions’ report that people used the radio to broadcast emergency information, so the kids borrow the radio. Muffy finds a polaroid camera and takes pictures of the others, but the photographs come out blank. Ladonna finds a box with an encyclopedia in it. Arthur suggests searching it for a solution.

The kids take the encyclopedia outside to see better. Ladonna does not find "internet", because the encyclopedia is too old. Buster notices that images start appearing on the polaroid photos. Ladonna finds the answer to that under “instant camera”. Buster decides to do his report on the camera. He takes a photo of a tree and notices a young bird sitting in front of it. The kids find the bird and see the nest up in the tree. Arthur organizes the rescue. Ladonna climbs on Arthur's shoulders and D.W. hands her the bird, but she still cannot reach the nest.

Ladonna brings a strawberry basket to make another nest. The kids fill it with leaves and put the bird in, then Ladonna puts the basket on a low branch. The bird mother flies down to her chick and the kids are proud that they saved the bird without even needing the internet. Muffy intends to puts the story on her blog.

The kids amuse themselves in the yard when Mr. Read informs them that the internet is back on. Arthur is shocked when he realizes that it has only been off for 11 minutes even though it felt like forever. He claims that he was not worried, but the others do not believe him.







  • In real time, there are nine minutes between the kids shouting “No!” and Mr. Read telling them that the internet is back on.
  • Ladonna is right that birds will not abandon their young if humans touch them. However, fully feathered young birds (fledglings) should still be left where they are since they no longer need the nest.

Episode connections

  • The length of an Arthur story has previously been referenced by Binky in “Rhyme for Your Life”: “All will be clear to he who sits and listens for eleven min-its.”
  • Cavemen Arthur and Buster were chased by a mammoth in “Arthur and the Whole Truth”, though this episode uses different footage.
  • Arthur plays Virtual Goose 5.0 from "Best of the Nest". He plays Just Plain Goose again while someone named Takashi plays Strong Goose (originally Binky).
  • D.W. begins singing Crazy Bus from "Play it Again, D.W.," before Arthur shouts "No!".
    • This is the first time the song is referenced since "To Tibble the Truth” in Season 7, when the Tibbles tell D.W. that she sings the song too often.

Cultural references

  • The Stone Age car, which is powered by running feet, is a reference to The Flintstones.
  • The German accents in the copyist fantasy reference Johannes Gutenberg, who did not invent, but popularized the movable-type printing press.
  • The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.
  • Boogle is a parody of Google.
  • In the encyclopedia, Arthur finds pictures of an aardvark, ants and Argentina.
  • Unusual for the show, Wikipedia is referenced by its real name.
  • Arthur uses the abbreviation "IRL," meaning "in real life."

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