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"The Pageant Pickle"
Season/Series: 18
Number in season: 9a
Original Airdate: United States September 10, 2015[1]
United Kingdom March 19, 2015[2]
Australia April 27, 2015[3]
Written by: Ken Scarborough
Storyboard by: Jeremy O'Neill
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"Some Assembly Required"
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"The Pageant Pickle" is the first half of the ninth episode in the eighteenth season of Arthur.


School is almost out and Arthur can hardly wait for those lazy summer days by Muffy's pool. Nothing could ruin such a happy time of year... except maybe-D.W.'s Spring Pageant![1]


Arthur begins a perfect day. Summer vacation is only a month away and Muffy is planning a pool party. Then his mother announces that D.W.'s spring pageant is coming up.

The Pageant Pickle

Arthur wants to skip the pageant, which is on the same day as the party. D.W. lists things that she does for him, like giving advice. Mrs. Read insists on Arthur attending the pageant. Arthur believes it will be boring.

Arthur's friends do not believe that the pageant can be so bad, until he tells them about the fall pageant. The preschoolers performed a song called Autumn Leaves, which caused him to count the tiles on the ceiling twice.

The preschoolers rehearse a song called Springtime Flowers, which is fairly similar to Autumn Leaves. D.W. finds it boring as well and suggests spicing it up with a spider, but Emily is afraid of them. D.W. scares her by pretending to see a spider behind her.

At dinner, Mr. Read tells D.W. off for scaring Emily and tells her how boring his own preschool pageant was. He embarrasses himself when it turns out they were in fact doing Springtime Flowers. D.W. resolves to fix the pageant.

Arthur tries to eavesdrop on D.W. He tells her that he is worried that she might embarrass him. She in turn tells him that not everything is about him. Then she has an idea.

The next day, D.W. tells her family that she is going to say a poem with Emily. Arthur is sure that she is up to something.

Muffy tells Arthur that her party will start after the pageant and Francine says she will pick him up.

After performing Springtime Flowers at the pageant, Miss Morgan announces D.W.'s poem, but D.W. decides to drop out. At first, Arthur is happy because he can leave early, but then he sees how sad D.W. looks. She tells him that no preschooler wanted to do the poem with her, so Arthur offers to do it.

Francine not only stays, but calls Binky and Buster to watch Arthur and D.W.'s performance. Arthur wants to chicken out, once he learns what he has to do. D.W. recites a poem about a chimp, and Arthur is supposed to play the chimp. He starts reluctantly, but eventually enjoys himself. He is a great hit with the preschoolers.

After the pageant, several preschoolers ask Arthur for his autograph. Arthur learns that D.W. has not asked anyone else to do the chimp and realizes that he has been fooled.

On the way to the party, Arthur vows to get D.W. back, though Francine tells him that she is too smart. Arthur refuses to do the chimp again, but when his friends start doing it, he eventually joins them.






  • Maria is shown at the fall pageant, though she does not have a preschool-age sibling.

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Alphabet mistake.

  • The alphabet that borders the wall in the corner of the classroom has the letter "Y" instead of "V".

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