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"The Secret Origin of Supernova"
Season/Series: 13
Number in season: 10b
Original Airdate: United States April 9, 2010
Canada February 22, 2010[2]
United Kingdom April 28, 2009 [1]
Written by: Jonathan Greenberg
Storyboard by: Robert Yap
"Looking for Bonnie"
"The Wheel Deal"
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"The Secret Origin of Supernova" is the second half of the tenth episode in the thirteenth season of Arthur.


Arthur is dismayed when he learns that the energy drink endorsed by Dark Bunny, his favorite super hero, is unhealthy. He goes in search of a new superhero.


An announcer introduces Futuropolis, where Arthur works as an insurance clerk. When "disaster strikes," he becomes a superhero called Supernova. He is then joined by Starchild and Sirius the Super Dog, as Starchild tells the viewers to stay tuned for "The Secret Origin of Supernova."

The Secret Origin of Supernova

While Arthur and Buster are watching Dark Bunny, they learn of both a comic convention coming to Elwood City and the Dark Bunny Might-a-Max Energy Drink, which is endorsed by Dark Bunny himself. They go to buy costumes, planning to dress up as Dark Bunny and Bionic Bunny for the convention, and Arthur buys the energy drink.

Arthur shows off the energy drink to his friends, but Brain reads the ingredients and informs Arthur that the drink is just sugar, water, and food coloring. Arthur is disappointed, especially after remembering Dark Bunny's "self-imposed code of honor," and throws away his drink, then gets rid of all his Dark Bunny merchandise.

At Meteor Comix, Arthur and Buster look through a book of super heroes for one to dress up as, and Arthur decides on Manacle. After learning that a branded cereal called Manacle-Os is unhealthy, he takes down his Manacle posters.

Arthur looks through the book again, and sees Doodle Dog. He recalls having liked Doodle Dog cartoons when he was younger. After Francine sees Arthur with a Doodle Dog water bottle, she takes him to some kindergartners, who say that Doodle Dog is "for babies." Arthur throws his water bottle in the garbage.

Arthur asks Freddy K., the owner of Meteor Comix, who his favorite hero is. Freddy K. chooses Jack Kirby, who created a lot of characters in the 1940s-60s.

After a dream, Arthur chooses to dress up as Supernova. While he initially thinks his costume is silly, D.W. thinks it is cool and wants to be his partner. They go to the convention, and Arthur's friends like their costumes as well. Arthur is called to look at some Dark Bunny comics, and he realizes that he does not have to buy everything that is sponsored and can still enjoy Dark Bunny.






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  • Although the Doodle Dog flashback is chronologically set before "Arthur's Eyes," Arthur is seen wearing glasses.
  • Liam, Amanda, and Kyle are called "kindergartners" by Francine, despite being in preschool.
  • Near the end, D.W. is wearing her Starchild costume, and she is wearing a short sleeve shirt, but when Arthur and D.W. go to the convention, she is wearing the same shirt, but it is long sleeve.

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