"The Silent Treatment"

The Silent Treatment

Silent treatment title

Season/Series: 13
Number in season: 2a
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States October 13, 2009[1]
Flag of Canada February 13, 2009[3]
Flag of the United Kingdom April 17, 2009 [2]
Written by: Claudia Silver
Storyboard by: Robert Yap
"The Great MacGrady"
"Kung Fool"
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"The Silent Treatment" is the first half of the second episode in the thirteenth season of Arthur.


A down-in-the-dumps George ignores his friends until they start paying attention to him.


Arthur and Buster talk about things taken for granted, like the shoelace, the ant, and the park bench. Buster then plans to go to the Sugar Bowl with Arthur, unintentionally leaving George behind in the process. George then starts to feel lonesome.

The Silent Treatment

After the title card, Binky and his friends are playing hide and seek, leaving George out. He grows outraged and leaves. Later, George and Wally are talking and George chooses not to talk until everyone notices. Then Sue Ellen shows up and sees that George is ignoring her. At woodworking class, he didn't speak to his dad. At lunch, he was offered babagoulash by Mrs. MacGrady. Meanwhile, George's friends plan to give him a party. At home, George and Wally were on the couch when Sue Ellen called for help on her woodworking project. George was disappointed to hear that. That night, he dreamed he was shown what the world would be like if he didn't exist. When he woke up, he realized he does matter. At school, George's friends hide their surprises from him. George felt sad. Later, George and Wally were at the bridge when Sue Ellen came. George accidentally dropped Wally, but she rescued him. Later, the party was a success. Binky plays a clip of a classic song called “Alla Turca, known as the Turkish March” by Mozart on his clarinet. Sue Ellen gave a paper that said First Prize from the woodworking contest to George although George never entered and it turned out that his friends entered because his Marble Run Rube Goldberg that he made was amazing. George chose to take his friends to the Inventors museum with him. Then George and his friends played a game of hide-and-seek and George was it.






  • George breaks the fourth wall in the intro by knocking on the screen after saying to the viewers, "You guys notice me, right?"

Cultural references

  • This episode heavily references the classic 1940s Frank Capra movie "It's A Wonderful Life."
    • This is the second episode of Arthur to do so; the first one being "Thanks a Lot, Binky." However, the references to the film are a bit more obvious in this episode.
  • The song that Binky plays for George is a classical piece called Alla Turca known as the Turkish March by Mozart.


  • When the kids are discussing how to include George into the group, Sue Ellen has one spoken line mistakenly performed by Fern's voice actor, but Fern does not appear in this episode.


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