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"The Silent Treatment"
Season/Series: 13
Number in season: 2a
Original Airdate: United States October 13, 2009[1]
Canada February 13, 2009[3]
United Kingdom April 17, 2009 [2]
Written by: Claudia Silver
Storyboard by: Robert Yap
"The Great MacGrady"
"Kung Fool"
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"The Silent Treatment" is the first half of the second episode in the thirteenth season of Arthur.


George decides to ignore his friends until they start paying attention to him.


In the introduction Arthur and Buster talk about taking things for granted, like shoelaces, ants or park benches. At the same time the two boys ignore George.

The Silent Treatment

While playing hide and seek, the other kids forget George. George is deeply upset. After talking to Wally, he decides not to talk to anyone until they notice him.

In school George refuses to enter his work in a woodworking contest, despite its being the best by far. When he does not talk in the cafeteria, Mrs. McGrady serves him strange dish named babagoulash.

Meanwhile, Sue Ellen, Arthur, Buster and Binky feel sorry and decide to throw a surprise party for George.

George is unhappy about not talking. He is delighted when Sue Ellen calls on the phone, but when she asks him for help, he bitterly remarks that that is the only reason the others ever notice him.

At night George dreams that he is visited by Wizard Wally. After first accidentally showing George a timeline where Wally does not exist, he shows him a timeline in which George does not exist. The woodworking room is deserted, since, without George’s example, not enough kids were interested in woodworking class. Arthur and Buster play three-way catch despite only being two. They miss someone, without knowing who. A family of birds is cold because George did not build a birdhouse. Finally, Wally shows George how the log that should become Wally is chopped up for firewood.

George wakes up and decides to speak again, but at school the others avoid him, because they are busy preparing his surprise party. He thinks they are ignoring him.

George stands on a bridge in the park with Wally. When Sue Ellen comes to get him, he accidentally drops Wally in the river, but Sue Ellen fishes him out. She then takes George to the party. The kids have prepared food, Binky plays the clarinet, and Sue Ellen hands George the first prize in the woodworking competition, since they entered him. George tells them they are the best and he will share his prize, a trip to the inventor’s museum, with them.






  • George breaks the fourth wall in the intro by knocking on the screen after saying to the viewers, "You guys notice me, right?"

Cultural references

  • This episode heavily references the classic 1940s Frank Capra movie "It's A Wonderful Life."
    • This is the second episode of Arthur to do so; the first one being "Thanks a Lot, Binky." However, the references to the film are a bit more obvious in this episode.
  • The song that Binky plays for George is the third movement, Alla Turca, from Mozarts Piano Sonata No. 11, commonly called the "Turkish March".


  • When the kids are discussing how to include George into the group, Sue Ellen has one spoken line mistakenly performed by Fern's voice actor, but Fern does not talk in this episode.


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