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Elwood City Strawberry Festival.

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The Strawberry Festival is a festival in Elwood City. They have a parade and contests. Ed Crosswire, Mr. Haney, Mr. Ratburn, David Read, The Parade Float Club (specifically D.W. Read, Muffy Crosswire, and Binky Barnes) are particpants.

Thora Read has extensive knowledge of The Strawberry Festival. She says that all of Route 3 used to be strawberry fields. Now, David Read cooks for the parade while he and Thora introduce the parade to D.W. Read.

D.W. Read has an idea of a Float for the parade. Mr. Haney rides atop a sixty foot tall fake tree while Mr. Ratburn is inside an enormous strawberry cake.

Muffy Crosswire also has a longstanding history with The Strawberry Festival. She enters a prize winning baking contest. Her previous entry of Strawberry Cookies drew controversy when a citizen commented that Ed Crosswire was a judge for the contest. Ed sat out one year while Arthur, Francine, The Brain, and noticeably Binky provided ideas for new cookies.

Muffy now sells the Strawberry (with Banana) cookies regularly. They were previously named "Muffy's Scrumptious Snackeroodles", but then changed to "Muffy & Friends".


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