This is the Sugar Bowl we're talking about! You know, where we hang out EVERY single day?

Sue Ellen Armstrong, "Sue Ellen Chickens Out"

Sugar Bowl
Sugar Bowl
Location Elwood City
Type Public
Sells Confectioneries
Administrator Carl Manino
Staff Waitress
First appearance Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn

The Sugar Bowl is a dessert parlor in Elwood City owned and run by Carl Manino,[1] and is one of the kids' central hangouts. They talk here, make plans here, debate here, and eat junk food, among other things. It serves candy, ice cream, milkshakes, and other treats. It is somewhat competition for Mrs. Powers's Ice Cream Shop, but it is on the other side of town and Brain still eats here without his mother's objection.

In "Sue Ellen Chickens Out," Carl Manino decides to sell the Sugar Bowl. It would then be turned into a Chickin Lickin'. Sue Ellen rallied her friends to protest against Chickin Lickin' to save the restaurant, but few of them had the desire or courage to stand up for its survival. By the end of the episode, Carl chooses not to sell it because he found that he and his customers still loved it.


The Sugar Bowl has existed for at least 50 years. In Carl Manino's flashback from Sue Ellen Chickens Out the Sugar Bowl was seen in the 1950's. Back then, Carl Manino probably did not own it because he was mopping the floor. It was one of the main hangouts of high schooler's that attended Elwood City High School (one of them being Grandma Thora) and was decorated with pennants, records, and posters on the walls. It also had a jukebox.

In an alternate future in "D.W. and the Beastly Birthday," the Sugar Bowl becomes the "Sugar-Free Bowl."

Annual Baking Contest

In "How the Cookie Crumbles," it is shown that the Sugar Bowl hosts the annual baking competition for the annual Strawberry Festival in Elwood City. Muffy is a regular in this competition, having won twice so far. She won her second victory with her "Scrumptious Snackeroodles" which she and her friends made together, and now the Sugar Bowl sells these cookies as well.

Foods Sold at the Sugar Bowl




  • In "The Secret Guardians," the "O" in "Bowl" has a bird's nest on top of it.
  • During Buster's dream in "Buster's Second Chance," the Sugar Bowl is out of business and is a hang out for the Tough Customers
  • The appearance slightly changes sometimes.
  • In "Don't Ask Muffy," one of the articles in the Frensky Star is about the Sugar Bowl replacing their awning, despite the fact that they never have an awning on the building.
  • In the song "Elwood City: A Report," Buster claims that the Sugar Bowl is located "Right by Arthur's, in back of the school." While the map does depict as being in back of the school, it also shows it as being nearby Buster's house and the Brain's, rather than Arthur's.
  • Inside on one of the walls, there is a poster of a yellow submarine, which may be a reference to the Beatles.



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