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"The Tattletale Frog"
Season/Series: 18
Number in season: 1a
Original Airdate: United States October 1, 2014[1]
United Kingdom February 24, 2015[2]
Germany October 1, 2014[3]
Written by: Ken Scarborough
Storyboard by: Rick Marshall
"Brain Freeze"
"D.W. & Bud's Higher Purpose"
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"The Tattletale Frog" is the first half of the first episode in the eighteenth season of Arthur.


When Bud is blamed for an accident D.W. causes, she has to decide whether to let her friend take the fall.[4]


In the introduction, Arthur claims that D.W. never does anything wrong, while loud noises offscreen suggest that D.W. is trashing the house and blaming Arthur for it. A fantasy show D.W. as young George Washington blaming the tree for chopping itself down. Arthur then remembers one time that D.W. did get blamed.

The Tattletale Frog

Mr. Read is busy fixing a large dinner for a client. He tells D.W. and Bud to play a game by themselves. After Bud beats her at every game she suggests, D.W. makes a competition out of throwing Bud's hat, only for Bud to beat her again. D.W. tries again and the hat knocks a mechanical singing frog off a shelf so that it breaks. Bud wants to tell Mr. Read, but D.W. does not want to, claiming that she does not want to get Bud in trouble.

D.W. tries to put the frog in the trashcan by the garage, but her dad is loading the van there. She puts the frog in the trashcan in the kitchen and puts some trash on top of it.

D.W. returns to her room to find that Bud has cleaned up. He suggests telling her dad again, but D.W. wants him to leave. His hat is still on the shelf in the parents’ bedroom, however.

D.W. throws shoes at the hat, but only knocks down other items. Bud manages to catch a cactus pot before it breaks.

Next, D.W. tries blowing the hat down with a fan. When she puts it on the window sill, the fan falls out into the yard.

D.W. and Bud get a ladder from the garage. They use the vase to hold the front door open and the door smashes it. Mr. Read hears the noise and falls over the fan that fell out of the window. He picks up fan, shoe, golf club and vase and finds the kids. He brings the ladder back into the garage, but before he can talk to D.W., his cellphone beeps and he runs away. Bud leaves.

Mrs. Read comes home and discovers the mess in the bedroom. Since Bud's hat is still on the shelf, she blames him. D.W. only replies that Bud did not do it on purpose. Mrs. Read says that she will call Bud's mom.

When D.W. lies on her bed feeling guilty, Nadine appears and pities Bud while mimicking his way of speaking.

At lunch, D.W. has no appetite. When her mom throws something in the trash, the frog can be heard, making D.W. feel even worse. When Mrs. Compson calls on the phone and Mrs. Read wants to talk to her about Bud, D.W. breaks down crying and confesses.

D.W. is forced to stay home for a week, and isn't allowed to have anyone come over. She calls Bud on the phone and apologizes. They play paper, rock and scissors over the phone.







  • This is the first episode where Bud is seen without his hat.

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  • This episode was first announced in May 2014 when a fan emailed 9 Story Media Group asking for season 18 episode titles, and received 4 of them.[5]