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The Ultimate Friendship Collection
Arthur The Ultimate Friendship Collection DVD Main Image.jpg
Format DVD
Region 1
Language English
Production company PBS Distribution
Release date August 11, 2020
Episode segments 48

The Ultimate Friendship Collection is a 3-disc DVD set that contains 48 episodes of Arthur, all of which focus on the theme of friendship.

Product description

Join Arthur and his friends for 48 friendship-filled stories featuring more than 10 hours of fun! In this value-packed collection, Arthur, Francine and Buster must complete a report on ancient Rome. Can they work together to complete the school assignment? Then, D.W. loves to get her own way. Can she learn how to be nicer to her friends to continue playing with them on the playground? Plus, Arthur receives some bad news – Buster is leaving town to go live with his dad for a while! Is this the end for the two buddies? Learn how to work together as a team, care for other’s feelings, build new friendships, and much more!


Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3


  • This DVD set contains the most episodes from seasons 8 and 9, with five episodes each.
  • No episodes from seasons 14, 16, 22, or 23 are included on this DVD set.
  • This DVD set contains the most episodes of Arthur on a Region 1 home video release, with 48 episodes.
    • The only home video release of Arthur that has more episodes on it than this one is Arthur: The Complete Series 1, which was released in Region 2, with 60 episodes.
  • The inside artwork and disc artwork features promotional artwork from the special The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur, but the special in question is not included in this DVD set.


  • The cold opens of "Team Trouble" and "Prunella Gets It Twice" are missing.
  • The back cover incorrectly states that "Arthur is television's longest-running animated series!". This is not true, as The Simpsons is actually the longest-running animated series (with The Simpsons having premiered in 1989, versus Arthur having premiered in 1996).
    • However, Arthur is the longest-running animated children's series.
  • A list of episodes that are included in the DVD is nowhere to be found on either the outside or inside packaging of the DVD.