Item Type

Robotic Singing Fish


Mr. Sipple (formerly)
D.W. Read

First Appeared (cartoon)

"Arthur and Los Vecinos"


Thelma while singing. Her front half turns toward the front so that she is looking at the person who pressed the button.

Thelma is a plastic singing fish that Mr. Sipple gives to Arthur and D.W. in the episode "Arthur and Los Vecinos," when he moves away. Though Mr. Sipple gave her to both of them, D.W. has since taken the fish for herself and made it her pet. Since this episode, Thelma has made frequent appearances.

Thelma is a fish on a plaque-type board. When you press the button on the board, the fish's front half turns toward the person who pressed the button and sings "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

In "Desperately Seeking Stanley," D.W. tries to sell Thelma at the Reads' yard sale because Thelma now malfunctions. She repeatedly says the same few words of the song over and over again. When Ramon and Vicita Molina visit the yard sale, Vicita wants Thelma, however Ramon cannot afford the $1,000 price tag D.W. put on it. This makes Vicita begin to cry, until D.W. mentions that Arthur has a bear on his table.



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