Arthur Wiki
Gender Male
Animal Tyrannosaurus rex
Job Word organizer
Cartoon debut "D.W.'s Name Game"

The thesaurus[1] is a dinosaur who is very good with words.

He spends most of his time organizing words in the library's reference section, but there are so many that he still has a lot to go. He appears in D.W.'s dream. After testing her worthiness, he told her the perfect name to call Arthur. He later appears outside D.W.'s window, shocking the Read family.

He has a rather impatient personality, trying to hurry D.W. along and telling her that he has a lot to organize because it's a mess in the section he's in. D.W. misconstrues his name as "the saurus," causing him to correct her that it's only one word.


  • He is named after a thesaurus, a book that lists words, similar meaning words, and opposites. His being a dinosaur is a wordplay on "saurus."