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"Thora's father" is not an official name.
Thora's father
Thora's Father.png
Gender Male
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Moderate orange
Complexion Pale, light grayish tangelo
Family Thora's mother (wife)
Thora Read (daughter)
Thora's brother 1 (son)
Thora's brother 2 (son)
Thora's brother 3 (son)
Theodore Read (brother)
Dora Winifred Read (sister)

David Read (grandson)
Jane Read (granddaughter-in-law)
Arthur Read (great-grandson)
D.W. Read (older great-granddaughter)
Kate Read (younger great-granddaughter)
Loretta (granddaughter or granddaughter-in-law)
Bud Read (grandson or grandson-in-law)
Monique (great-granddaughter)
Ricky (great-grandson)
Loretta's daughter (great-granddaughter)
David's brother (grandson)
Bonnie (granddaughter or granddaughter-in-law)
Sean (grandson or grandson-in-law)
George (great-grandson)
Cartoon debut "Clarissa is Cracked"

Thora's father is the deceased husband of Thora's mother and the father of Grandma Thora and her three brothers. He first appeared in a flashback in the episode "Clarissa is Cracked."