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Thora Read
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Age 60s[1]
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Birthday 18th of an unknown month with 31 days[2]
Hair color Medium brown (youth and adulthood)
Gray (elderly years)
Favorite color Green apple[3]
Residence Thora's childhood house (formerly)
Grandma Thora's House, Elwood City
Family Thora's father (father)
Thora's mother (mother)
Thora's brother 1 (brother)
Thora's brother 2 (brother)
Thora's brother 3 (brother)
David Read (son)
Jane Read (daughter-in-law)
Arthur Read (grandson)
D.W. Read (older granddaughter)
Kate Read (younger granddaughter)
Sean (son)
Bonnie (daughter-in-law)
George (grandson)
Bud (son-in-law)
Loretta (daughter)
Monique (granddaughter)
Ricky (grandson)
Loretta's daughter (granddaughter)
David's brother (son)
Minnie Read (daughter)
Thora's mother's great-uncle (great-granduncle)
Job Columnist
Book debut Arthur's Christmas
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Spelling Trubble"
Voiced by Joanna Noyes
Michael Caloz (as a child)

Thora Read, commonly known as Grandma Thora, is the mother of David Read and his siblings as well as the grandmother to their children, including Arthur, D.W., and Kate.


She grew up in Elwood City. Since the town was founded recently, Arthur did not recognize it in early photographs. She was able to cross the street guided by denizens, law enforcement, and Zeppelins. She remembers her parents were very polite and understanding. She has three older brothers that she was jealous of. Because they did not find any durable toys, Thora spent her early childhood without any of her own. She eventually is gifted Clarissa and developed a love for Strawberries. The childhood version of Thora often has the same voice actor as D.W., such as Michael Caloz.

Later, Thora had three sons and two daughters, but her marital status has always been unknown. She continued to stay in Elwood City during David's childhood. During this time, they got to watch The Sugar Bowl and Wonder World get built, and a wildlife reserve cleared to build the nearby mall. She became a chaperone for her grandchildren [4][5] as well as a columnist.[6] She knows several workers at the elementary school. She also spent time with her mother at the family reunion. After a while, Thora took in Killer, and a bat.


Thora is shown to be very kind, supportive, and understanding. She is very active and is not able to effectively cook.[7][8] She will not hesitate to tell the truth about other people's mistakes, but at times speaks very softly.[9][10]

She often babysits for her son during their many parties and other catering events. Because D.W. took a nap earlier, she decided to let her stay up for New Year's Eve. Arthur and D.W. rarely spend the night at Thora's. When they did, they saw how miserable she was, and threw her an annual surprise party.[11] Thora talked D.W. out of running away.[12] Thora is counted on for rescue.[13]

She loves to play Bingo and is an expert at Marbles. She prefers to give her valuables as heirlooms. One example is Clarissa. In Family Fortune, she almost sells a treasured item at a travelling antique show instead.

She does not want to spend any time at a fancy restaurant if it means that her grandchildren might not be there.[14]

Physical appearance

Thora is an adult female aardvark with short, curly grey hair. She has black pupils. She is typically seen wearing a blue button-down coat with a yellow collar, lavender jeans, and blue and white sneakers.


  • Mrs. MacGrady She plays Bingo and other activities with Mrs. MacGrady. Another time she worked with her at the bake sale.
  • Ted Glass She has also been friends with Ted for a very long time.
  • Grace Thora worked at her bake sale.





  • She is named after author Marc Brown's own grandmother, Thora Brown.[15]
  • When she was a child, Thora had a close resemblance and voice to D.W. Read.
  • In "D.W., the Picky Eater," it is revealed that Thora's birthday is on the 18th day of an unknown month with 31 days (there are 7).
  • In "April 9th," David explains that when he was Arthur's age, Thora got into a car accident (though she wasn't hurt). For a time afterwards, David feared that Thora would get into another car accident.
  • She originally is known to be a bad cook,[16][17] but in later episodes she has been shown to be cooking better.
  • In publicity/promotional materials, she is typically referred to as "Grandma Thora."
  • In "Clarissa is Cracked," it is revealed she is a columnist, and as a young little girl, she looks like D.W. her age and both sound like each other sharing the same voice actor Michael Caloz.
  • She was the one who gave Arthur his iconic yellow sweater.[18]
  • Thora's maiden name has never been revealed and it's never explained who her husband (the father of David and his siblings) was or if she was ever married.
    • However given that her (paternal) Uncle Theo is a Read points to the evidence that Thora was born a Read.
  • In "Buster's Best Behavior," Thora doesn't appear in the episode herself, Arthur transforms into her during the episode intro after he stole D.W.'s TV time.


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