Thunderdance is a theatrical show consisting of Irish music and dance. A TV advertisement shown in "D.W., Dancing Queen" describes it as an "Irish step-dancing extravaganza." D.W. and Binky watch the advertisement and get the idea to do a dance presentation for their project. Thunderdance is mentioned again in "Kiss and Tell" by D.W.

The advertisement mentions the following acts:

  • O’Kelly and the Weasel: a rat in a green suit and a woman (not a weasel) in a weasel costume
  • The Great Big Potato: a person dressed up as a potato
  • The Queen of the Mist: a monkey with long brown hair in a green dress
  • The Prince of the Dance: a bare-chested blond aardvark in a white vest



  • Thunderdance is a parody of Riverdance, a stage show that combined modernized Irish folk music and folk dancing.
  • The "Prince of the Dance" references former Riverdance member Michael Flatley, who started his own show called "Lord of the Dance".
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