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Tommy and Timmy Tibble
Timmy Tommy Tibble.PNG
Timmy (blue scarf) and Tommy (red scarf)
Age 4[1][2]
Grade Preschool

Kindergarten (“First Day”)

Gender Male
Animal Bear cubs[3] (TV series and later books)
Humans (early books)
Hair color Very deep gamboge
Complexion Yellowish gray
Favorite color Watermelon[1]
Residence The Tibbles' House, Elwood City
Family Trixie Tibble (mother)[4]
Mrs. Tibble (grandmother)
Uncle Wormy (imaginary friend)
Book debut Arthur Babysits
Cartoon debut "D.W. All Wet"
Voiced by See list below

Tommy Tibble and Timmy Tibble are energetic twin brothers in D.W.'s class, and D.W.'s frenemies. Together they are known as the Tibble twins or the Tibbles. They tend to be the main antagonists of D.W.'s own episodes.

Physical appearances

Timmy and Tommy are bears in the later books and show and humans in the earlier books. They always dress identically. They normally wear yellow T-shirts, purple shorts, yellow socks, and black and white sneakers. As they are identical twins, Timmy always wears a blue scarf while Tommy wears a red one to differentiate. Even when wearing different clothing, they always wear something blue and red. It is implied that even Ms. Morgan cannot tell them apart when they switch scarves.

Originally in the books, they looked more like humans and less like bears, but that changed in the TV series. Notably, however, in even later book releases, they continued to appear as humans, despite the significant art shift in the books towards an appearance more in line with that of the TV series.

In "Dancing Fools," they both wear blue jeans with a yellow stripe and dark-grey sneakers. Timmy wears a blue shirt, while Tommy wears a red one, each with yellow design.


Timmy and Tommy are mischievous, clever and reckless (sometimes one more than the other), though deep down they are good kids. Timmy is more independent than his brother, as seen in "Double Tibble Trouble" and "Attack of the Turbo Tibbles. "Two Minutes" and "Whistling in the Wind" reveal that Tommy is two minutes older, causing him to act superior to Timmy in both episodes. In "Double Tibble Trouble," Tommy is less energetic and feels sad when Timmy is sick, but at the end of the episode, when Tommy gets sick, Timmy doesn't seem sad and behaves like always. In "Attack of the Turbo Tibbles," Timmy is the one who hurts D.W. They each have their own ways of annoying others, usually by yelling louder than one another. Tommy also seems to have more of a sensitive side than Timmy. [5]

Their personalities can be described as manipulative (for instance when they trick people so they can get what they want as is seen in several episodes, including "To Tibble the Truth"), dishonest, and sadistic. They could even be described as fair-weather friends (which refers to someone who only helps when it's advantageous to themselves) as is the case in "Never, Never, Never" where they trick D.W. into thinking they care about her in order to get her toys and destroy them in front of her face. Normally their personalities are identical except for a few episodes, e.g. "My Fair Tommy" where Tommy is slightly nicer, and Timmy is more manipulative.



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Timmy and Tommy live with their grandmother in a large house that looks almost haunted.

  • Mrs. Tibble: Timmy and Tommy's grandmother. She loves them very much but doesn't always show awareness of their bad behavior, though she does occasionally show signs of distress at their actions. The Tibbles do not tell her about their misbehavior, and when they do, they censor it to not sound like bullying. [6] In "Mind Your Manners," they force themselves to learn manners in order to take her out to dinner. They usually spend all of their time at her house when they're not in preschool.
  • Trixie Tibble:[7] Timmy and Tommy's mother. She is first mentioned in "D.W.'s Backpack Mishap," where it's revealed that she used to take them on trips around the world.


Voice actors

Timmy Tibble

Tommy Tibble


  • In "Bleep," Timmy can whistle, but in "Whistling in the Wind" he can't; however, it is possible that the events of the latter occurred before the former, or that Timmy might have learned to whistle during the course of these episodes.
  • Tommy and Timmy take folk music lessons, with Tommy playing the panpipes. [8]
  • There have been a few episodes where Tommy appears without Timmy, but Timmy has never once appeared without Tommy.


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