Tina the Talking Tabby
Item Type

Electronic stuffed animal


None known

First Appeared (cartoon)

Arthur's Perfect Christmas

Tina the Talking Tabby is a toy cat D.W. Read wanted for Christmas in Arthur's Perfect Christmas. However, when she wrote her Christmas list to Santa Claus, he was unable to find Tina in any store because they were all sold out, so he got her Quackers, a similar toy. (Though when shopping with Arthur, Mrs. Read makes a comment of there being one thing that was sold out. However she could've been talking about the veginator) D.W. really wanted Tina, but eventually came to accept Quackers as being "kinda cute." During the Christmas season, Tina was heavily advertised in a radio jingle. It annoyed Arthur, but D.W. enjoyed it.


What's always at your feet, and is really, really sweet? It's Tina the Talking Tabby!
Just scratch behind her ears, and this is what you'll hear - "I'm Tina the Talking Tabby!"
Oh Tina, Tina, Tiny Tina, Tina, Tina, Tiny Tina, Tina the Talking Tabby!...

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