Arthur Wiki
Gender Female
Animal Toad
Hair color None
Family D.W. Read (owner)
Mr. Toad (husband)
Cartoon debut "D.W.'s Imaginary Friend" (title card)

"So Long, Spanky" (episode)

Toady is a toad found by D.W. Read that is now her pet. Found near Spanky's grave in the episode "So Long, Spanky," D.W. hates her at first but learns to appreciate her as a pet. She is portrayed as male in her debut appearance but is changed to female later on.

Her second appearance is in "The Great Sock Mystery," revealing that she now lives in the Reads' yard. It is unknown why she is not with D.W. She meets Mr. Toad, who she has not seen since they were tadpoles. They hop away together, catching up with each other. Sometime after this, they got married.

Her third and latest appearance is in "The Great Lint Rush," when Kate and Pal come to her for help, but she admits that Mr. Toad handles most of the sock business. Unable to help them directly, she arranges an appointment for Pal to meet with her husband at his office. She says that she sometimes misses the days when she was just D.W.'s pet.

She is also seen in the title card where she is chased by D.W., although she is colored darker green.