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Tony Wu
Tony Wu
Gender Male
Animal Rodent
Hair color Light gray
Complexion Light gamboge
Residence California (formerly)
Tony Wu's house, Elwood City (currently)
Family Daughter
Shirley (aunt)
Job Retired movie star
Cartoon debut "Kung Fool"

Tony Wu (called "Master Wu" by Fern) is a former professional martial-artist and actor whose career was prominent in the 1960s and 70's. Fern volunteers to help him around the house in the episode "Kung Fool" and learns tai chi from him.


Early life[]

Tony was born and lived most of his early life in California, spending at least some time in Berkeley. His Aunt Shirley taught him kung fu and he became a grand master who developed the Laughing Dragon style. He also starred in martial arts movies like Master Wu and the Rebel Monks.

Later life[]

Eventually he retired because of his age and moved to Elwood City. Because of his bad knees he walks with a walking aid and seldom leaves his house. He claims to have no friends, although he still receives fan mail. He is a kind old man with an odd sense of humor.

Time with Fern[]

In "Kung Fool," Fern volunteers to help him out for a Junior Explorers badge. This is arranged by her mother Doria Walters, who knows Tony's daughter from work. Fern finds Tony boring, but after learning from Sue Ellen that he is a Kung Fu master, she wants to learn Kung Fu from him.

Fern thinks the household chores Tony asks her to do are a way of teaching her Kung Fu. When she talks to Tony about it, he reveals that this is not so, but offers to teach her tai chi. tai chi is slower than Fern expected, but she continues practicing with Tony and talks him into practicing in the park, where some ladies join their sessions.


Tony spends most of his day on a reclining chair watching golf on TV or reading magazines about the sport. He also likes to play minigolf. Other than that he lives a secluded life, though Fern talks him into going out more.


  • Tony Wu may be a reference to Master Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; like Tony, Splinter is an elderly anthropomorphic rodent who teaches a martial art (in Splinter's case, ninjutsu rather than tai chi).