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Top supermarket clerk

Top Supermarket Clerk is a reality show about a group of trainee supermarket clerks which became Buster's favorite show after losing interest in Bionic Bunny because it is "made up stuff". Jane, David, D.W., and Baby Kate are shown to watch it, so does Bionic Bunny in a fantasy. Arthur, however, hates it.

The show is produced by Reality TV. Every week an episode airs and one of the contestants gets eliminated. Oddly, the contestant that is eliminated in one episode always returns in the next one. 

The show is seen in "Buster Gets Real" and is mentioned briefly by Buster in "Caught in the Crosswires".



  • It a parody of the classic game show, Supermarket Sweep, only instead of being based on the customers, it is based on the clerks. On top of that, the logo of Top Supermarket Clerk is very similar to the logo of Supermarket Sweep.