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Rattles, Molly, Binky, and Slink

We're not bullies. We're kids who have a hard time expressing our emotions in a constructive manner.

Rattles, "D.W., Queen of the Comeback"

The Tough Customers are a gang of bullies at Lakewood Elementary School. As of "The Last Tough Customer", despite still acting tough at times, they have all changed and are no longer mean bullies.


Several of the Tough Customers at their cafeteria table

Current members

Status unknown



Alternate names

The Tough Customers have a tendency to rename themselves, often temporarily, when they change their interests.

  • "Bully Ballet" - when they danced a ballet about green potato chips in "Revenge of the Chip".
  • "Tough Costumers" - unofficially; when they tried to get kids interested in playing outside in "The Play's the Thing"
  • "Buff Customers" - when they tried working out in "The Last Tough Customer"
  • "Muffy Crosswire's 4 Open Hearts Tough Customers" (MCTC) - when they tried singing in "The Last Tough Customer"
  • "Shush Customers" - when they tried to enforce the library's "no talking rule in "The Last Tough Customer"
  • "Tough Consumers" - current name; when they inform people about the nutrition of food



Episodes with enough of them together to be recognized as the Tough Customers. Ones that specifically focus on them are in bold.