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This article is about the in-series board game. You may be looking for the printable game or the online game of the same name.
Tower of Cows
First Appeared

Double Tibble Trouble

Last Appeared

He Said, He Said

Tower of Cows is a game owned by both Emily and D.W. The game consists of stacking small model cows on top of each other. The objective is presumably to either build the highest tower or to be the player who stacks the last cow. However, the game is shown to have cards and pawn-like pieces that go along with it.

The game is first seen in “Double Tibble Trouble”. In the same episode, Tommy, D.W. and Emily invent the variation Screaming Cows, where they make a tower collapse by yelling at it.

In "Kiss and Tell," Emily says she bought a French version named La Tour des Vaches.

In "Arthur and Los Vecinos," D.W. wants to teach Vicita the game, but she beats D.W. without significant effort on her first time playing.

In the book Arthur and the Big Snow, the game features a purple version of Mary Moo Cow with pink spots as the stackable cows.

A similar game called Tower of Tofu is seen in "D.W. and the Beastly Birthday."

A printable game with the same name was on the PBS Kids website.

In June 2021, PBS released a browser game of the same name.