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This article is about the online game. You may be looking for the in-series board game or the printable game of the same name.
Tower of Cows! (online game)
Tower of Cows game icon.jpg
Game Information
Game type Strategy
Main character(s) D.W. Read
Release Date June 25, 2021
Platform Online

Tower of Cows! is an Arthur online game on the PBS Kids website. It was released on June 25, 2021.



There are four challenges: Stack, Move, Pile and Tip with six levels each. Beating all 24 levels unlocks a Bonus Level.

In each level, you click on a point on the screen to make a cow fall down on that spot. If a cow falls exactly on top of another, you have a stable tower. If it does not quite fall on the other, the tower is unstable and may collapse if it gets too high. You can also arrange cows in a pyramid.

The object is to make a cow reach a carrot that is suspended in mid-air. It does not matter, how many cows you need, but if any cow falls off the screen, you have to try the level again. Most levels let you choose between two carrots, one being higher up and harder to reach.


The carrot is suspended over an immobile platform. The platform gets smaller with every level.


Both carrot and platform keep moving from left to right and back again. They move faster with every level and the platform gets smaller.


The platform is uneven, making stable pyramids harder.


The carrot is suspended over one side of a seesaw. You have to balance the cows on both sides to be able to stack them high enough. At higher levels, the seesaw gets smaller and tilts more.

Bonus level

A UFO flies back and forth over a small platform and the cows drop out of the UFO, no matter where you click the screen. There are golden carrots to collect.