Tower of Pain
The Law of the Jungle Gym 152.jpg
Location Lakewood Elementary School
Type Jungle gym
Administrator The Tough Customers
Residents A cat

The Tower of Pain is a jungle gym, used by The Tough Customers as their headquarters at Lakewood Elementary School.


The Tower of Pain are used by The Tough Customers to relax, talk and plan. In the Arthur episode, The Law of the Jungle Gym, Muffy was trying to get a picture taken of the gang with her new camera, however, she couldn't see. Her solution: The Tower of Pain. Muffy thinks that this is a good place to take a photo shoot, until Molly suggests that she take her photo shoot elsewhere. This led Muffy to tell Mr. Haney and her attorney about this situation, which leads Mr. Heney a conclusion that they share The Tower of Pain. That didn't work out as planned, leaving Muffy full authority of the jungle gym and The Tough Customers a new location for their headquarters. After the group are having a tough time picking places, Molly has had enough and asked Muffy to have their spot back by telling her that the Tower of Pain was their hangout place and talked her into giving their place back.


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